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Are you tired of settling for low-quality Arabic books when it comes to reading to your children? Do you have a strong message that you want to relay, but you feel stuck, confused, and overwhelmed with the publishing process? Do you want to be the person who authors high-quality Arabic/English children’s books that celebrate our rich culture and values?


Look no further, as I am here to guide you through the process of becoming a best-selling children’s book author! As a mother, you have a story that only you can tell, and I want to help you share it with the world.

Sama working

Sama's Story

"I LOVED how practical the content was. No fluff talk. Deema got into the nitty gritty of things, down to paper quality and how to negotiate at a book fair. It was also nice that we had assignments. They varied from soft and quick to more thorough ones that needed time. Had it not been for the assignment of making the spreads, I would probably still have my thoughts all over the place. But that assignment forced me to sit down and write down my script. LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!"

- Sama D

Empower Children's Minds! 


Become a Best-Selling Children's Book Author with Unique Cultural Narratives


YOU can publish high-quality Arabic/English books that celebrate our culture & values.

YOU hold the power to change the narrative about girls and women through children’s books.

YOU can write the book that you wish you had in your home library. 

YOU can write the book that you wish you read as a child. 


From brainstorming ideas to marketing your book, I’m here to help you become a best-selling children’s book author and inspire children around the world with your unique story. In fact, I’ve already helped many aspiring authors become published authors through this course.

Learn how to share your unique cultural narrative today! 

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Meet Deema!

My name is Deema Al Alami – I am an educator, reading advocate, and children’s book author. As a mother myself, I fully grasp the transformative power that books have in shaping children's personalities and perspectives. That's why I am dedicated to empowering YOU to fulfill your aspiration of becoming a published author, and in turn, inspire and positively influence families around the globe.

Deema holding her published books

The Mother to Author Program will:


Give you the confidence and know-how to become a published author.


Show you the right steps on how to write a children’s book, illustrate, publish, and market it!


Establish a timeline to be able to get your book published.


Help you to develop new writing skills that will allow you to write a best-selling children’s book.


Support you every step of the way – being an author can be lonely, but in this program, you will not be alone!

What Others Think of the Program

Testimonial one. “I loved the content; each session contained a wealth of information that I never knew before. I also appreciated Deema's exciting energy when conveying any piece of information, it made it easy to comprehend and enjoyable while benefiting.” - Nahla S
Testimonial two.
Testimonial three. “It felt like it was a personalized course with specific guides and insights to what I wanted to develop. There are indeed master classes for people who are renowned for authoring children's books, but having a line of communication with the instructor, helping in the very topic I chose to talk about, and the very script I developed was very rewarding.” - Dara D

Here’s what you’ll get in the Mother to Author program:


Over 7 Hours of Training

11 modules with over 7 hours of online training videos to help you overcome the challenges of writing and publishing your own children’s books.

thought bubble
thought bubble

Knowledge from Industry Experts

Access to the knowledge of industry experts like Dian Fawakhiri (children's book illustrator), Massara Touqan (founder of Kalila Wa Dimna Publishing House), Hiba Khalil (self-published author) and Racha Mourtada (Translation Rights Expert). 

guided workbook
guided workbook

Guided Workbook

A workbook that will assist you in capturing all the new learnings, questions and notes from the program in one place.

live group call
live group call

LIVE Group Coaching

Access to a monthly LIVE group coaching to ask any questions you may have about writing/publishing and get the answers right away


Children's Book Inspirations

Lists of best-selling children’s books that you can draw inspiration from (and even purchase for your little ones!)

thumbs up
thumbs up

Suggested Top Publishers List

Lists of publishers and awards that you can reach out to!


Suggested Top Illustrators List

List of high-quality illustrators to help you best illustrate your children’s book.

What Others Think of the Program

Testimonial five.
Testimonial five.
Testimonial six. “What an amazing journey! Extremely practical and personalized content that guided me step by step on how to write and publish children’s books. I enjoyed this program a lot as it steps away from theory and dives into hands-on experience- exactly what I was looking for! This course has been as informative and valuable as the courses I’ve previously taken at Stanford and UFT continuing education.” - Lana MB.

To add even more value to the Mother to Author program package, and to give you the best chance to successfully get your book published, I’ve included this bonuses in the program:

finished book with a price tag
finished book with a price tag

Access to Module 11: Selling Subsidiary Rights - to know how you can sell the rights of your book abroad and make additional royalties.

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